Creepshow (1983)

Creepshow is definitely one of my favorite movies. It is an anthology film that was created by horror masterminds George Romero, Stephen King and Tom Savini. The plot centers around a horror comic book called "Creepshow" wherein each of the stories are played out.

The first in the lineup is "Father's Day," a tale of a wealthy family with a very dark secret. Next is the story of Jordy Verrill, a dimwitted farmboy that discovers a meteorite and makes the most unfortunate decision of his life. The last three stories are "Something to Tide You Over," "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up on You!"

The Three Extremes (2005)

Three Extremes is an East Asian anthology horror film. This honestly could have made the "weird" list too. It includes a trio of short films from three different directors: The Box by Takashi Miike, Dumplings by Fruit Chan, and The Cut by Park Chan-Wook. Some won't appreciate having to read subtitles, but it's definitely worth giving a watch.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

This is a movie best watched around Halloween. The stories are interwoven to tell the tale of a town cursed on Halloween night. It includes a prank gone wrong, a school principal who moonlights as a serial killer-- and eventually meets his match, a wife dealing with her obsessive husband, and a mean old man gets taught a lesson by a demonic trick-or-treater.

Tales From the Crypt (1972)

The film that lead to the popular HBO series. The first story, And All Through the House is about a wife who kills her husband for insurance money on Christmas Eve-- karma is swift when an unexpected visitor comes knocking on her door. The second, Reflection of Death, tells the tale of man who leaves his wife and children to runaway with his mistress. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Also included Poetic Justice, Wish You Were Here, and Blind Alleys.

Asylum (1972)

Another thoroughly fun British anthology from Amicus Productions. It follows the storyline of a young psychiatrist who must interview four patients before securing his job at an asylum. Each patient describes the wild reasoning behind their confinement. The first episode Frozen Fear depicts an unfaithful husband who kills and dismembers his wife at the request of his lover. Once the deed is done he stores the body parts in a chest freezer, but the lover's union is intervened when the parts re-animate for a last revenge. Other segments include The Weird Tailor, Lucy Comes to Stay, and Mannikins of Horror.

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965)

Another British-made horror anthology featuring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and an early appearance from Donald Sutherland. It begins with the premise of five men boarding a train when the mysterious Dr. Terror accompanies them. When a set of tarot cards spill from his suitcase he claims that he can predict each of their futures if they tap the deck three times. It includes a werewolf story, a vampire tale, a voodoo curse, a carnivorous plant, and an avenging artist.

Vault of Horror (1973)

Another Amicus Productions film with a plot alikened to Tales From the Crypt (1972). It begins with five men who find themselves trapped in the basement vault of an office building. To kill time they decide to tell eachother stories of recurring nightmares of their demise. Stories included are Midnight Mess, The Neat Job, This Trick'll Kill You, Bargain in Death, and Drawn and Quartered.

Black Sabbath (1963)

Mario Bava's trio of horrors narrated by Boris Karloff. Stories include a woman who receives a phone call from beyond the grave, a Russian Count who comes across a family tormented by their vampire-like father, and a greedy nurse haunted by the elderly woman she stole from.