John Carpenter

Early Life

John Howard Carpenter was born in Carthage, NY in 1948. Him and his family moved to Bowling Green, KY where his father was head of the music department at Western Kentucky University. He attended WKU and then USC film school in Los Angeles. In 1962 he began his career making short films. His first feature film was Dark Star (1974). He then went on to direct a number of horror/sci-fi classics, including Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980) and The Thing (1982). He continues his work today and is currently working on a remake of Halloween.

Movies Known For

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) Halloween (1978) The Fog (1980)
Escape From New York (1981) The Thing (1982) Christine (1983)
Starman (1984) They Live (1988)

BrainDid You Know?

His movies often reference westerns and the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

There is usually at least one scene inside of an automobile in his films.

In the mid 1970's he formed a band with directors Tommy Lee Wallace and Nick Castle called Coupe De Ville.

He rarely ever makes sequels to his films, with few exceptions.

He has a son, Cody Carpenter, with Adrienne Barbeau.

He loves Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys.

He turned down the chance to direct Top Gun (1986), Fatal Attraction (1987) and Zombieland (2009).

He considers Godzilla (1959) an inspiration for him.

Black Christmas (1974) is one of his favorite films and inspired him to make Halloween.