Celebrate Halloween All-Year Long!

So, Halloween has already come and gone-- and if you're like me the fun doesn't have to end here. Here are a few activities you can do to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year!

1. Build a Halloween Prop

Zombie Prop
Halloween Props

When your mind is on Halloween all year long, what better way to kill time than building your own props? Visit sites like Instructables or Haunt Forum to gather some great ideas. Who knows? By next year you might have 3 or 4 really cool looking props to add to your haunt.

2. Watch the Classics

The Great Pumpkin
Halloween Classics and Specials

If you have the "Halloween Blues," why not throw on a scary flick or classic Halloween special? You can find just about anything on YouTube now-a-days. Take a look at my list of Classic Halloween Cartoons.

3. Visit a Store or Attraction

Halloween Stores/Attractions

There are a few Halloween stores and attractions that stay open all year round, like the Halloween Adventure Superstore. If you don't have any in your area, try a Party Store or Goodwill-- you never know what you might come across. Many states also have historic buildings and sites that put on Ghost Tours throughout the year.

4. Try Out Some Holiday Recipes

Halloween Cooking

If you're thinking of throwing a party or gathering next year, you have plenty of time to do some creative cooking. I recently found The Homicidal Housewife, it's a really great blog that features Horror-themed recipes. I'm definitely going to try the Dead Alive Custard.

5. Get Creative

DIY Crafts

One of my favorite pastimes is painting Halloween-themed pictures. Not only does it keep me in the spirit, but it's relaxing and helps me tap into my creative side. If painting isn't your thing, try out some Halloween crafts-- browse Pinterest for a wide range of ideas. If you happen to have a lot of photos and other memorabilia, start your own scrapbook for Halloween.

6. Start Planning Your Costume


It seems like every Halloween I end up with little to no time to figure out a costume. You can start looking at trends, makeup tutorials, etc. to get your costume planned out before October. Pinterest is a great place to start, you might even be inspired to make one yourself.

7. Other Halloween Media

Other Media
Halloween Media

There are some YouTube channels out there that are soley focused on generating horror content. A couple of my favorites for scary stories are Let's Read and King Spook. Browse the Best New Horror lists for a good book, or discover an old one. Sometimes just browsing random Halloween websites is enough to keep me satiated for a while. Halloween Daily News is a great source for keeping up-to-date on what's happening in Horror and Halloween.

8. Start a Halloween Savings Fund

Halloween Savings
Halloween Savings

Whether its a new animatronic you've had your eye on or just making sure you have enough for candy, it always helps to have some money saved up. Psst!--I've heard that one 2-liter filled with dimes adds up to about $700.

9. Make a Playlist

Halloween Music
Halloween Music

Add some spooky sounds as well as some classic Halloween and Horror tunes. Turn it on while you're working on your latest Halloween project. By the end of the year you'll have a great Halloween soundtrack for your Trick-or-Treaters to listen to.

10. Start Your Own Blog or Website


If you have a lot that you're dying to share, why not consider making your own place on the web? Even if it's just to share photos or a cool decoration you find at a yard sale, its a great way to express your love of Halloween and inspire others. If you have a talent for speaking and have a niche in makeup, prop building, or cooking you can always set up your own YouTube Channel.