Pumpkin Patch Picture

Pumpkin Patch
Image- FunFamilyCrafts.com

You Will Need:

Cotton Balls
Orange Paint Powder
Brown/Green Construction Paper
Green Yarn
Zip Loc Baggies

Put the paint powder a zip loc bag. Place the cotton balls in the bag and shake. Then put them aside. Spread glue onto the construction paper. Put on the orange cotton balls (pumpkins) and the green yarn (vines). Or you can also just use orange pompoms. Eyes are optional.

Tissue Ghost

Tissue Ghost

You Will Need:

String, markers, yarn, rubber bands, twist ties etc.

Take one piece of tissue and roll it into a ball. Put it in the center of another piece of tissue, gather, and tie. This will form the ghost's head. Use a marker to draw eyes and mouth! You can also use lollipops (blow pops, tootsie pops) for the ghost head. Put them in a tissue and wrap orange & black ribbon around the "neck" of the ghost. Use the marker to draw eyes and a mouth.

Construction Paper Haunted House

Haunted House
Image- FunFamilyCrafts.com

You Will Need:

Colored Construction Paper

Cut out the shape of a haunted house and cut out holes for windows. Add detail to the house with colored pencils or crayons. Next, trace the shape of the house on yellow paper, cut out, and paste to the back of the house. This will illuminate the windows. Glue this to a sheet of blue or black paper for the background. Cut out pumpkins, ghosts, or shadows to put in the windows. Cut out a moon, graveyard, or anything you can think of to the background.

Mummy Luminary Jars

Mummy Luminary
Image- Celebrations.com

You Will Need:

Mason Jars
Googly Eyes
White Glue/Water Mixture
LED Tea Light Candles

Make sure your jars are empty and clean. Prepare paste by mixing in a small amount of water to the glue. Next, cut your cheesecloth into strips. Using a paintbrush and wash mixture, lightly adhere the cloth strips to the jar (Wrap and brush). Allow a minute to dry between layers. Once your jar is mummified and completely dried you can then glue the eyes on. Add the tea light to finish.

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