Vertigo (1968)

Hitchcock's 1958 classic starring James Stewart and Kim Novak. The film follows an acrophobic detective who investigates an old friend's wife, while unexpectedly developing a dangerous obsession with her.

Silence of the Lambs (1991)

David Fincher's psychological thriller about a young female FBI cadet who finds herself in the middle of a large-scale murder investigation. A serial killer named "Buffalo Bill," has savagely murdered several young girls-- skinning them after death. When he kidnaps the daughter of a U.S. Senator, Starling must communicate with the incarcerated Dr. Hannibal Lecter to figure out Bill's next move.

The Shining (1980)

The Shining is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same title, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. It follows the story of a writer, Jack Torrance, and his family that are tasked to watch over a Colorado hotel during the winter off-season. As weeks turn to months Jack begins to mentally unravel, experiencing horrific visions of the past and into the future. Though King was displeased with the movie, it is still considered a horror masterpiece by many.

Psycho (1979)

Alfred Hitchcock's thriller about a woman who embezzles $40,000 from her job and takes off to avoid capture. When she stops in to a dive motel she meets Norman Bates, a strange young man seemingly domineered by his overbearing mother.

Saw (2004)

Two men wake to find themselves chained up in a dungeonesque room with no idea of how they got there. They are faced with a number of torturous decisions in order to stay alive.

Rear Window (1954)

Another Hitchcock classic starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. It tells the story of a wheelchair-bound man who spies on neighbors to cure his boredom. He begins to notice strange behavior from a man in an apartment across from his and becomes convinced that he has killed his wife and is attempting to cover up the murder. Stewart and Kelly work together to uncover the truth, but their curiosity could lead them into dangerous territory.