Packing Tape Ghost


Will Need:
  • Body Form (or volunteer)
  • Wig Head
  • Packing Tape
  • Fishing Line
  • Scotch Tape
  • Clear Trash Bags

  • STEP 1

    First you will want to start with the body, draping a trash bag over your volunteer (making hole for head and arms to slip through) or body form. Next, to give your ghost structure apply packing tape around the midsection and base of the neck. Then in a crossing fashion over the shoulders connecting the tape on neck and midsection. It should look like a harness at this point.

    Form Form Form

    STEP 2

    Now you can start wrapping the frame with packing tape. Apply the tape vertically and horizontally, making sure that the body is completely covered. Once you've applied the first layer, continue with 2-3 more layers, until stiff.

    STEP 3

    NOTE: If you are using a volunteer, be very careful with this next step.

    In this part you will remove the tape from the frame. Using a pair of scissors start cutting from the top of the neck in a straight line down to the center of the waist. Carefully remove the tape and set aside.

    STEP 4

    CAUTION: Do not use volunteer for this part.

    Next you will begin working on the ghost's head. Cover the wig head with a trash bag and apply packing tape to structural areas. Wrap one piece of tape around the head (at forehead level) and another around the neck. Connect the two pieces with a strip of tape running from the back of the head to the base of the neck.


    STEP 5

    With your scotch tape, begin adding detail to areas of importance, such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. Make sure you smooth out any creases.

    STEP 6

    Now you will cover the head in a layer with packing tape, applying it in all different directions. Continue with another 2-3 layers, until stiff. Make sure you run the tape down the base of the neck, leaving excess for easy attachment to the body.

    STEP 7

    Cut straight down, from the top/back of the head down to the base of the neck. Remove the wig head.

    STEP 8

    Adjoin the head to the body, inserting the base of the neck inside of the body. Once correctly positioned, apply two layers of packing tape at the meeting point. Make sure you have a good seal.

    STEP 9

    Take a couple of your clear trash bags and cut out the bottoms and tape them to the waist of your ghost (like a skirt). Using scissors cut several strips into the skirt from the bottom up. This will give your ghost a tattered, flowing appearance.

    STEP 10

    Next you will want to fashion a loop out of tape and attach it to the top of the head. This will give you an attachment point for your fishing line when you hang it.

    Additional tips

    Find a cool spot to hang your ghost in like a tree or front porch. You can even extend a long piece of fishing line to suspend it from, this will make it appear as if it's floating in the middle of no where.

    Add creepy cloth and light to make it even spookier. You can hang string lights on the inside or position a static light underneath to give it a glowing appearance.